Online Training Terms & Conditions

Charter of expectations

Client Obligations:

  • To fill out the appropriate consultation documents provided by the trainer upon receipt of payment by Roar Fitness Ltd.
  • To the best of their ability, the client is to fill out their consultation in as much applicable detail as possible to provide the trainer with the necessary information for nutrition and training programme design.
  • To check in regularly with the trainer on a mandatory check in day each week to review the previous weeks progress via the check in form process.
  • To always be honest and accountable to the trainer.

Trainer Obligations:

  • To ensure the client is able to understand and enact the fundamental principles of the training plan.
  • To provide the client with the necessary tools and documents to adhere to their training and nutrition plan.
  • To provide a weekly support service to the client via the online check in form and support system.
  • To hold the client to account and update the client’s training and nutrition protocols where necessary and are due.