Want to get the best online body transformation you’ve ever had?

Whether you’re a complete exercise novice, or an avid gym-goer looking to take things to the next level, our online personal training coaches will guide you every step of the way as you work towards your ultimate goal.

We work specifically around you, from the training to the nutrition. We understand everyone is different so we're here to give you that extra push.

  • Personalised Nutrition Plans

    With specific meal plans, numerous recipes with exact calorie and macro nutrients, and supplementation recommendations, we'll guide you every step of the way as you work towards your goals. Our recipes can be catered to any dietary requirements, related allergies and intolerances.

  • The Best Personal Trainers

    Our highly experienced trainers combine carefully selected exercises and nutrition into one complete online programme to help you achieve your goals.

  • Cutting Edge Workouts

    All our online training programmes are all designed specifically around your ability and goal. Each phase of your programme is designed in a logical manner which reflects what you’re trying to achieve giving you the most effective workout ever.


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Experience a programme like no other!

Our world class trainers will design your online programme specifically around you and your goals, saving you time and hassle in searching the internet for workouts.

Say goodbye to complicated workouts, silly gym terminology and pointless exercises! Every step of the programme is easy to follow and your trainer is never too far away to help you. All of your workouts will be stored on an easy to use app making your workouts that step easier!


What to expect?

The workouts are personalized to your own individual level including modifications to accommodate most non serious injuries and movement abilities. We design your programme specifically around your goal enabling you to train safely and effectively.

You’ll also receive access to our private YouTube videos where you’ll find exercise demonstrations to assist you with your programme. Our programmes are designed around access to a gym however our trainers can adapt your online training to equipment you may have at home such as resistance bands, TRX, or adjustable dumbbells.

Do I need access to a gym?

To get the best results it is necessary to have access to a variety of resistance kit and therefore we would deem a gym membership necessary for this programme to work or a reasonably equipped home setup. We can make recommendations depending on your access to equipment however for the best results we advise the following:

A reasonable set up would include: Dumbbells from 5 to 30kg and a weights bench for Males. Dumbbells from 5 to 20kg and a weights bench for Females. A barbell with a selection of plates from 1.25kg up to 20kg plates.

When does my programme change?

If you have purchased a 8 or 12 weeks online training programme, your online coach will update your programme every 4 weeks. For 4 weeks online training programmes your online coach will advise you how to move forward from your training.

I have a medical condition, am I eligible for the programme?

We provide a medical questionnaire and waiver in our initial consultation process where we will ask you about your training experience so your online coach can design your programme to your ability. If for any reason Roar feels that there is a medical issue involved to the client, then a refund will be issued. We will never issue a programme recommendation without this to protect the client’s welfare.

I’ve never weight trained before; can I still do the programme?

Yes - Our consultation process will ask the client to detail their previous gym experience where our trainer will design a programme suitable for your ability. We have a range of demo videos which you will have access to helping with your technique.

If I’m sore from a workout, can I train the next day?

It’s not uncommon to be sore in the first week doing a brand new training programme.


Nutrition has never been easier!

Your personalised nutrition plan is based around an easy to follow meal plan system with the option of following specific macronutrient breakdowns for those who like more detail.

You’ll have a range of recipes with exact calorie and macronutrients including our supplementation recommendations to maximise your results based upon your eating habits, dietary requirements and medical/injury history.

We don’t just give you a plan to follow, our trainers will teach you how to sustain your results and maintain your nutrition for the long term. We believe that healthy lifestyle habits are more sustainable than just “dieting”.


The Meal Plans

Our recipes are healthy and easy to prepare! They can be followed exactly or adapted to suit your personal tastes. You will also receive advice and support from your trainer on how to manage your nutrition around unavoidable occasions, events and social gatherings without derailing your progress.

We take the confusion out of dieting as you’ll know how protein, carbohydrates and fats work. You’ll have the knowledge to understand how much of each to have, healthy lifelong habits and balancing your proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

*Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and those with food related allergies and intolerances.

Can I buy supplements if I’m outside of the UK?

Please email shop@roar-fitness.com for any supplement orders outside. If we cannot fulfil your order then please contact your trainer for recommendations for alternatives.

If I find the nutrition side of things difficult; can I do something else?

Roar dietary recommendations are specifically designed to get the best results possible, with a focus on nutrient dense, wholesome foods and an adequate protein intake. There will be foods such as lean meats, eggs, fish and vegetables in abundance on plan. To truly attain excellent results, a willingness to adopt this kind of dietary approach is a necessary requirement for a faster result. Our trainers can however work with you to create a solution if you are finding things tough.

Do you provide dietary recommendations for Vegans and vegetarians?

Yes - The Roar menu have been designed to accommodate for these dietary requirements and therefore, appropriate documentation can be handed to clients for these dietary preferences.

How do I track my food?

The plan is designed to take all the hard work out of tracking your food. You will need food scales in order to measure recipes out. If you already track your own food then your coach can work with you to help you hit your macronutrient goal.

What is the actual nutrition plan?

The nutrition plan approach is a high protein intake and healthy wholesome foods which are designed to optimise health and training. We combine this with a calorie controlled approach to help achieve your goal, whether its building muscle or losing body fat.


Looking for Motivation?

Throughout the duration of your programme you will have ongoing support from your online trainer and will be able to direct any questions/queries to them via app/email.

You will have scheduled weekly check-ins with your online trainer who will give you video feedback which covers everything from training success, nutrition questions to exercise technique. Our online trainers have a vast amount of in-depth knowledge & experience.

Our trainers will keep you accountable throughout your programme by giving thorough feedback and setting you targets.

They are ready to help you achieve your goals, are you?


Accountability and Support

Our online trainers will make weekly adjustments based on your progress, fix any obstacles you may be encountering, and analyse your workouts to advise how you can train harder and more effectively.

How long after submitting my check-in form for the previous week will I receive a response?

All client/trainer communication is via email/app. The online check-in form which your trainer will notify you about is designed for you to address all training/nutrition related information and any further comments, concerns or queries that the trainer can address in a response. It is on you, the client to contact your trainer to address your concerns.

I’m going on holiday for a couple of weeks, does this impact my 12 weeks?

Your Roar trainer can allow for this. As this is a personal service, your Roar trainer can extend your package by the relevant time, but it would mean that communication between your trainer and you (the client) would effectively cease during the interim period.

How do I measure my progress?

When you submit your check-in form, your coach will ask you to submit your progress photos and measurements for the week and this will include tape measurements and weigh ins. Your coach will then feedback appropriately and compare.

Roar Online Training Plans

An investment for life

The best investment you can make in life is in your long-term health. Whatever your goal or starting point, we have the perfect online personal training package for you to achieve incredible results and learn the skills to maintain them for good.

4 Weeks online training programme


  • Initial Consultation Questionnaire
  • 1 monthly training programme
  • 1 monthly nutrition and supplementation plan
  • Weekly check ins with your trainer
  • All workouts provided on an app where you can easily record your training sessions and track progress
  • Email/App support from your online trainer


12 Weeks online training programme


  • Initial Consultation Questionnaire
  • 3 monthly training programme
  • 3 monthly nutrition and supplementation plan
  • Weekly check ins with your trainer
  • All workouts provided on an app where you can easily record your training sessions and track progress
  • Email/App support from your online trainer


8 Weeks online training programme


  • Initial Consultation Questionnaire
  • 2 monthly training programme
  • 2 monthly nutrition and supplementation plan
  • Weekly check ins with your trainer
  • All workouts provided on an app where you can easily record your training sessions and track progress
  • Email/App support from your online trainer